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How to apply for a job with us

Applying for any of jobs is simple, however please set aside 10-15 minutes of your time before you start, because we like to get as much information as we can from you before making a decision on who we would like to interview. The process involves four simple steps.
Use the search box to find the position you are interested in
You can do this by either entering a reference number (if you have seen the position advertised) or by entering a keyword. Alternatively, if you want to view all our current job listings simply click on the VACANCIES tab above.
Answer our simple questionnaire
This is normally no more than 8-10 short questions, which are designed to provide us with a little more information about you. Answering these questions allows us to process your application more efficiently.
Upload or build your CV
If you have a CV in a compatible format simply upload it onto our system by following a couple of simple steps. If you do not already have a professionally formatted CV you can use our system to build one for you free of charge. This may take you a little longer, but having a well laid out CV certainly helps your chances of getting an interview with us. Note: if you wish to include a cover letter, please include this as part of your cv as only one document can be uploaded.
PI & Logical Indicator tests
Successful applicants will be required to undertake two additional assessments. The PI is a personal profile analysis which we have used for the past 30 years as part of the recruitment process. We present it to all our applicants and use it to provide us with an impression of the applicant's personality. There is no time limit, but most people spend 3-5 minutes on the assignment. The LI is a timed assessment consisting of 50 questions. Further details will be provided prior to commencing this assessment.